Carl Zeiss Jena R-Biotar 100mm f/0.73

Company Carl Zeiss Jena
Country East-Germany
Year of manufacture 1965
Type X-ray
Focal length 100mm
Aperture f/0.73
Optics Carl Zeiss Jena R-Biotar 100mm f/0.73 optics
Image circle at infinity

Notes: The R-Biotar 100mm f/0.73 lens was made to be on the “Röntgenkamera 70” (RK 70) also called “Jena 70” which was used to take fluorescent screen photographs, also called fluorographs. The markings on the lens β’1/6,3 means magnification of 1:6.3 when using 70mm film, because the β is the symbol for medium size film 70mm wide. The lens was developed by VEB Carl Zeiss, Jena from around 1959 to 1964. Prof. Dr. Harry Zöllner, and Fritz Disep, who worked at various project including X-ray lenses and systems at this time, are the inventors of this lens.